About For Brothers Comic

Do you have that special person in your life? A brother, a sister, a cousin, a best friend. You know the one. The one who you can always count on. The one who is there for you through the good times and the bad. The one you trust with all of your deepest secrets. The one who will go along with your hair-brainiest of schemes. Yes, that one. The one with whom you share an unbreakable bond.

Meet the Lux brothers…

These brothers share that bond. They share the unbreakable bond of BROTHERHOOD. Have a problem? A brother will be there for you. Picked on at school? A brother will be there to protect you. Found five dollars in the street? A brother will be there to help you spend it. These guys are always looking out for one another.

But they ARE brothers and they do have their brotherly issues. From arm burns and wet willies to arguing about who’s turn it is to clean out the litter box. And from “Please don’t tell mom and dad that I flooded the basement trying to make an indoor hockey rink!” to “How much will you give me not to tell mom and dad you flooded the basement trying to make an indoor hockey rink?” Life happens and they don’t always get along.

Fortunately though, one minute they’ll be at each other’s throats, the next, they’ll be out in the yard happily playing a crazy made up sport (to which only THEY know the rules), as if the fight never happened. No need for “I’m sorry” between these brothers. It’s understood. No need for “I love you”, when their actions prove it time and again.

This show is for you. This show is for those people with whom you share that unbreakable bond. In this case, this show is… For Brothers.